Title Genre DJs Time range
Fades Entertainment music and talk Friday 12-1pm
For the Women Talk show Tuesday 11am-12pm
LBH Talk show Tuesday 10-11am
Popcorn and Review Talk show Tuesday 12-1pm
Spenser Tesch (TEMP NAME) Talk show Wednesday 1-2pm
The Alona Show Talk Thursday 1-2pm
The Dark Room Music and Talk Wednesday 2-3pm
The Dugout Talk show Wednesday 11am-12pm
The Jahdai Show (TEMP) Talk show Wednesday 10-11am
The Lane Show music and talk Monday 12-1pm
The P.R.A.W.N Talk show Tuesday 2-3pm
The Sheila Show (TEMP) Talk show Friday 1-2pm
Total Eclipse Music and Talk Thursday 3-4pm
Wonderworld Afternoon Talk show Wednesday 4-5pm
XIOO Talk music and talk Thursday 11am-12pm